My Journey to becoming a British Citizen

What does it mean to be a citizen?

It’s a question the world has grappled with since the time of Ancient Greece. As I got the formal confirmation that I have naturalized as a British Citizen it made me realize, Citizenship is a…

Supporting Youth in Action for an Inclusive Society

Since November 2019 I have been helping curate the PeaceJam conference which is a youth leadership programme that empowers young people to create positive change in themselves, their communities and in the world through the inspiration of 14 Nobel Peace Laureates who…

In 2016 I was given a grant of £200 from O2 Think Big, that changed my life, with that grant funding I was able to bring leading women scientists across the UK to share their research with the wider public and open up dialogue on the latest cutting edge work…

Since 2012 the Leading by Example program of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates has attracted brilliant students and young professionals from top universities and organizations from all throughout the world.

I had a chance to be involved with the programme this year and was incredibly humbled and grateful…

Here is the speech I gave alongside the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium on getting more women in tech….

I was invited to the European Development Days in 2018, a busy week of meeting with the European Commission leaders culminating in a panel discussion I was invited to by the…

A dream that has taken me places I would not have imagined….

I have always questioned my privileges growing up in India being surrounded by, but never being in poverty myself.

Your mission in life is to find the intersection between your heart’s gladness and the world’s hunger- Fredrick Buechner”

Shwetal Shah

Tech Partnerships-MediaCom. Forbes Under 30. Financial Times 100 in Tech. UN Women Champion. European Commission Young Leader. Exceptional Talent Visa Recipient

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